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Gr4-8 Media Literacy: An Introduction

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I read in a media literacy blog, Media Literacy Now, that 21st century literacy means media literacy. I couldn’t agree more. However, when most people think of media literacy they think how proficient one is or isn’t with technology. I couldn’t agree less.

Media literacy education is the examination and ability to think critically about mass media and pop culture; being able to understand the impact of media messages that have social, commercial, and political implications.

That being said, below is an outline of media study that Grades 6-8 can expect to  contextualize in relation to their everyday lives and other subject areas throughout the 2017-18 year (Grades 4-5 was covered on Curriculum Night).

Curriculum Outline

First up, students will be presenting their creative Powtoon Introductions based off of the results of a learning style test and a personality test they took in class…which type of learner or personality type are you? Take the test to find out!