PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 4 Humanities Week of 10/2/17

Dear Families,

In our current STEM interdisciplinary unit (Food Chains and Food Webs/NY Native Americans) we took a closer look at how we get fresh water to NYC.  We learned about watersheds and the really awesome way our aqueduct system brings water to the city.  If you wish to read an cool article about it you can find it here. 



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This week in Reading we are learning about literal understanding versus inferential understanding when we read.

Our differentiated word study groups are off to a great start!  We practice these words for 2 weeks and then on the second week we will have a quiz.  Some groups cover root words, suffixes and prefixes while others are working specific letter/sound patterns.  Next Friday (October 6th) your children will be assessed on that specific knowledge.

In writing, we are beginning a quick self chosen genre.  We will be working on this pretty quickly and hope to publish by October 13th.  Much of the work in this unit is review of the basic qualities of genre and the stages of the writing cycle.  The grade will not be published in school loop because it is serving primarily as a benchmark and a way to assess their writing abilities.  You can help your child be asking what stage they are in and if they are working on meeting that deadline.



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