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Grade 5: Annotating is important!

Dear Families,

Students already know their hw assignment for tonight: to read the Pleistocene Times (Newspaper Format) article and to add on to their understanding of the ice age with any new information and insight gained from the reading. Please remind them to bring back the article tomorrow because they will need it to create their infographics. Many thanks! As usual…they should read with purpose (by practicing their reading goal), they should continue to collect in their notebook and they should keep talking to you about their daily life in school (humanities, math, recess, lunch etc.) Feel free to annotate reading material together, too!

WNB required entries are 4 entries per week (see WNB rubric in the back of your student’s composition notebook, if you’d like to know the criteria of how notebooks are being assessed) I have also attached a copy here. My original rubric states 5 entries per week. I have decided to revise it based on the demand of student work load (from other classes other than Humanities class) and upon students request to me (about after school activities) and brought it down to 4 entries per week. I care about student voice and collectively we believe 4 entries per week are doable. Students have self-assessed their first round of WNB checking and have given themselves a notebook grade (along with me) based on the categories of how I assess notebooks in 5th grade. School Loop grades will be posted this week.

BSI Grade 5 Writers Notebook Rubric

Below, is a slide show from today’s ice age annotating article lesson. Annotating is an important life skill. When you annotate, you are interacting with the reading material (the article, passage, excerpt etc.) you are making meaning by taking/adding notes, questions, thoughts, comments etc. We will embed this best practice into our lives. It will also come in handy as we prepare for the state ELA test. Tonight, they do not need to annotate. However, they can if they want to add comments/notes etc.. they only need to read and highlight any new information gained about the ice age. We have transitioned from Pangaea, Wegener’s theories, Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics into the Ice Age…we will be transitioning into Civilization studies in the Western Hemisphere, early life, research and analyzing skills and more geological and geographical studies. Stay tuned. This was just a quick homework reminder post to bring back the article tomorrow and to share what annotating looked like in class today. Yay, to annotating (and self-talking and making meaning and deepening my thinking!)

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