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We are thrilled to have chess on weekly basis in grades K through 5.

Ms. Olga pushes into classes once a week and works with each class for an entire period. She usually starts with a mini-lesson and then proceeds to partner work where students get to practice their newly learned skill. She will be launching a chess club during lunch for 6th, 7th and 8th graders on Thursdays and Fridays. Stay tuned for more information. Middle school students will get an invitation through school loop.

This would not have been possible without your support and the hard work of the PTO.


We are also extremely thankful for Vlad’s involvement.  Vlad is a parent of two students at BSI who from the very first day kindly offered to share his passion for chess and volunteer at the school. He is a chess master who organizes a lot of chess events at the school and also takes students on tournaments.

Here is a short blurb from him:


The BSI chess team played in their first Chess in the Schools rated tournament yesterday. Even though many of our strong players weren’t able to attend because of Yom Kippur we still played good chess. Especially in the K-5 Novice section our team ( Jake, Andrew, Katya L, Katya K, Tyler, and David) played superbly, Jake led the team and scored a perfect 4 out of 4 points ( 2nd place individually), Andrew and Tyler received medals for their performance. In the end, our team shared 11.5 points for the 1-2 place with the SABSMS school but got 2nd place in the tiebreaks. We also had a lot of good results individually. Igor got a trophy for 3rdplace in the K-5 Unrated section; Alexey, Ryan, George and Ian also got medals. Although those results are important and show how our team is playing I believe there are even more important things at hand. I’ll try to explain. Chess is a very honest game, it’s just you against your opponent, none to blame but yourself if you make a mistake. From those errors, our children learn to analyze and fix these mistakes. It was incredible and heartbreaking to see how Katya was fighting fearlessly till the last second and didn’t win to get that medal or David who was defeated in the first 3 games, but didn’t give up and won the last one in strong Novice section. That’s the most valuable lesson for our kids, they learn not to give up. Many thanks to all the other participants, who are an essential part of our team Ronen, Liz, Megan, Lucy, James, Rebecca and George P.  Arthur who currently attends the Brooklyn Latin School, and Ben who goes to Staten Island Tech, both graduates of BSI came to the tournament yesterday and played. 

Chess is becoming a part of our BSI culture. I must point out our 3rd graders who created a chess club by themselves. Rumor has it that there are already 16 members and they aren’t accepting anymore as they’re at full capacity. 

So the team spirit is pretty high thanks to our incredible kids and their parents whose force is much greater than mine.

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