PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Books in Review

We are finishing up our Reading Identity unit! Our culmination to this unit is to write Book Reviews and to share our favorite books with one another. Readers everywhere recommend books to one another. And strong readers create a buzz around books we love! While students are writing book reviews, they are also learning to summarize books. When summarizing, we tell the key events of a story, fast forwarding through the tiny little details. These reviews will be posted inside our classroom.

Word Study

Last week we began working in our Word Study groups. Students are working on sorting words and looking at word patterns.  This routine will happen each week and students will work with the same words for a cycle of two weeks. Each group of students works with different words, based on the spelling patterns they need to work on.  While we all work with different words, the children work within the same structures and routines. These routines include: free sorts, closed sorts, buddy sorts, word hunts and word study games. We use a program called Words Their Way, in which we work with students in their individual stage of spelling development. This approach to studying words includes many sorts so that students examine and analyze common word patterns. Studying these spelling patterns allows students to transfer this knowledge to the spelling of other words.  This program does not include spelling “tests”. However, for homework, I will be asking students to sort their words at home and practice spelling these words. The goal here is to be able to spell words with common spelling patterns, not just spell those particular words. Students are assessed three times in the year to determine their individual Spelling stage. This is something I will share with you at Parent Teacher Conferences.

Thank you!

Our classroom community is very grateful for all the games, supplies, and potted plants!  Our once-empty Choice Time shelf is now full, and our potted plants seem to enjoy their new home next to our Lego creations!

Reminders: CHESS

Our class goes to Chess with Ms. Olga on Fridays. Please have your child bring in a FOLDER labeled Chess. This folder will go back and forth between school and home when Ms. Olga gives Chess homework. Otherwise, it will stay inside the classroom.

Upcoming Dates:

October 27- Trip to Museum of Natural History– I will email our parent chaperones a confirmation this week.

November 15- Trip to Prospect Park Zoo (Animal adaptations workshop)


Ms. Marcy