PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Reading Partners and Engineers

Reading Partners

We started reading partners and it was a hit!! The students are working on reading and talking about their books.  We focused mainly on the routines and procedures for partner reading. Next week we will begin to discover what it means to have meaningful conversations around books and how that helps us become better readers.  

Please remember that your child needs to bring their baggies back to school each day.  

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Last week we also began to launch a new math unit on doubling.

Some goals for this unit are:

  • Understand that a double is a number made of two equal groups
  • Explore the connection between doubling and counting by 2s. (5+5=2+2+2+2+2)
  • Use knowledge of doubles to help with near doubles. (7+7=14 so 7+8=15)
  • Solve complex problems and communicate strategies through pictures and words


We continued our exploration of solids and learned what it means to be an engineer.  Students worked in pairs to design a tower or something of their choosing.  Check out their creations below!

IMG_3441.JPG  IMG_8232IMG_3437.JPG   IMG_3439.JPG




  • October 23rd 101 Birthday Celebrations
  • October 25th Trip to the Botanical Gardens
  • October 27th Scholastic Book Orders Due (101)
  • November 3rd 102 Birthday Celebrations



Many thanks to all of you that volunteered to chaperone the field trip.  Unfortunately we can only bring a limited number of chaperones with us.  If you were selected an email was sent to you stating that you were selected.