PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

We are published authors!

Last week, we published our writing from our first unit, Writerly Life.  In this unit, students were led through the complete writing process, consisting of:

  1. Writing many notebook entries
  2. Choosing a seed idea
  3. Drafting
  4. Revising
  5. Editing
  6. Publishing

Students in 302 were given academic choice to publish writing in any genre. Many children chose to write Personal narrative, while others published non-fiction, poetry collections, fiction, and even book recommendations.

Our young writers made their drafts ready for public viewing and presentation. Then we met with Class 301 for a Writing Share:

Reading Workshop

We finished our class Read aloud of Stone Fox, and have begun reading another book with a strong character, Just Juice. We are reading this as our class read aloud within our Reading unit,  Following Characters Into Meaning. In this unit, we will be honing our comprehension skills by following our characters closely. We will be envisioning, making predictions, and learning to build theories about our characters that are rooted in evidence from the text. During this unit, children will be asked to read Fiction. We need students to be reading fiction, so that they can do the work of following the character through the text. We will be using our Reading notebooks and charts such as Know/Wonder as tools to gather evidence about our characters.


We have started looking at the World Map and learning the positions of the continents and oceans. Your child may enjoy exploring GeoGames! Your child can Build Planet Earth on this site.

Upcoming Dates:

THIS FRIDAY- October 27th- Museum of Natural History via subway

November 15- Trip to Prospect Park Zoo

February 7- BAM The Magic City (Wednesday) via bus  (leave at 9:30)

February  27 – Staten Island  – The Dragon’s Tale (Chinese New Year’s)


  • Please make sure your child keeps personal toys at home. If a toy is seen in school, it will be confiscated.
  • Please send in trip permission and $6.00 for Zoo Trip
  • Please send in a FOLDER for Chess by Friday


Ms. Marcy