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Grade 6 Humanities: Can you switch your thinking hat?

We started last week by learning about the box, Six Thinking Hats, by Edward de Bono.  The idea behind the book is that by identifying types of thinking, groups can communicate more effectively and think thorough obstacles to arrive at viable solutions.  Students began the process by thinking about issues facing their school community.

6 Thinking Hats

Based on the book, Six Thinking Hats, by Edward de Bono. Illustration by: Imogen Claire in 602

They collaborated in groups, brainstormed and analyzed their solutions wearing each of the hats.  The goal was to move away from the binary model of “I agree” or “I disagree” and challenge themselves to examine issues with more complex ways of thinking.  We will continue to use this strategy to analyze issues and work together towards solutions.  If you are interested in reading more about the six thinking hats, click the link below:

Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono


Brainstorming solutions

IMG_1749 (1)

Collaborating in groups using the strategies learned from the Six Thinking Hats

We have also been immersed in our World Religions unit.  Both classes shared their individual questions with each of their classes.  During the share, we listed their questions on posters and then put the posters around the room for a gallery walk.  Students from each class were able to review the questions from their own class and from the other class. Each student then selected a question they want to delve into.

Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk of our questions about World Religions

Ask your child which questions they came up with and which one they chose to focus on. Stay tuned for more as we continue to explore how religions have shaped the world and their relationship to events happening today.  Please check School Loop for our latest Journey of Thought assignment!

Remember to save the date for Girls Read for Girls at the Brooklyn Museum on Sunday, November 5th from 3-5pm. Hope to see you there!