PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update

Grades K-5 and grade 7 have all completed their self portraits: Grades K and 1 looked at various artists and worked in oil pastels, Grade 2 viewed Vincent van Gogh’s work and painted their self portraits, while Grade 3 checked out Frida Kahlo’s paintings and learned to work with soft pastels. Grade 4 learned about Pablo Picasso and Cubism, while Grade 5 considered Albrecht Durer’s detailed self portraits and did theirs in graphite, paying special attention to value. They also wrote a few sentences about what kind of career they think they might have in 20 years. Grade 6 will take a look at Alexander Calder’s wire portraits, and execute theirs in wire, while grade 8 has just embarked upon theirs using the Grid Method, having viewed the amazing work of Chuck Close.
Kindergarten has learned about different kinds of lines, concentric circles (Wassily Kandinsky), worked with oil pastel and watercolor as well as created penguin collages on salted watercolor backgrounds. First grade learned to weave with warm and cool colored paper and they are presently working on creating magical Art Nouveau trees (Gustav Klimpt). Second grade just completed owl collages, and learned about complimentary colors and symmetry in another project. Third grade finished tissue collages of animals and insects, and have just started creating cats, dogs and lots of patterns in analogous colors based on the work of Laurel Burch. Fourth grade looked at M.C. Escher’s work and learned about Op Art, while 5th grade is creating secondary colors from primary colors while thinking about positive and negative space designs using a household object outline. Sixth grade created symmetrical name insects, and is presently knee deep in the their Pop art Onomatopoeia project in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. Seventh grade executed one point perspective drawings, just finished their grid method 1/2 self portraits and are now working on Zentangle patterns. Eighth grade looked at the work of Victor Agam and created Agamographs based on a theme of opposites. We’ve been busy!