PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Gr8 Media Literacy – Tech’s Role in Current Events and Editing Tools

8th grade classes were given the option to either create an editing tool (using Script Editor) to locate overused words and phrases in their writing, or to research a topic and create a presentation using a Google App (Doc, Slides, Sites, Forms) on technology’s role in current events…

Editing Tool

Before creating the editing tool, students from 802 and 803 had to learn (or refresh their knowledge on) six programming concepts: sequencing, conditional, loop, variable, array, and functions and parameters; and then create a slide show integrating and applying these concepts to everyday household items. By using their imagination to apply programing concepts to objects in the world around them, students are able to understand and remember them much better.

Writing is hard! Even well seasoned, professional writers have editors to look over their work for errors. So for their second task students had to create an editing tool for overused words in their writing. Identifying words that are too general and replacing them with more powerful, accurate, and academic vocabulary not only improves student writing, but expands language skills as well.

Technology’s Role in Current Events

Students in 801 chose to research a topic related to technology’s role in current events, create a project, and present their findings. The purpose is to explain and gain a better understanding of how technology’s role in current events reveal how it both informs and transforms our world. Take a look at the wonderful website Marlen Popkin created for 801s informative and creative presentations here.