PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Math Enrichments at BSI for Middle School


All middle school students at BSI are part of the Math Olympiad (MOEMS) contests.  The practice and contests, which are 5 in total, will take place during the problem solving period (grades 7 & 8) or community building (grade 6).

AMC8 will take place after school on November 14th for any 7th and 8th grader that signed up.

Problem of the Month

The problem of the month is something that all middle school students are working on.  It will always be given in the beginning of the month and be due the last school day of the month.  The problem of the month allows students to work on mathematics that can be extended beyond middle school mathematics.  It also will exposed them to different areas of math.

Students are working on this outside of class, with some class time available to discuss with their peers.  Parents can get involved and students can do some research, but this should not be

Math Team

We are still committed to having a math team for Pi5 and Girls’ Math Olympiad. This will happen in February. So, more on that then.