PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 2: November News

Dear Families,

Welcome to November! After a busy first two months, we have now settled into the routines and structures that will support our work throughout this year. Our second graders are becoming more independent, and their stamina in all subject areas is increasing.

We are finishing up our second full cycle of writing. This week our writers are publishing their second narrative pieces. Throughout this unit, they tried to use the craft techniques of our mentor author Kevin Henkes to create stories that are engaging and focused. Our writing will be on display during Parent Teacher Conferences on November 16th. We can’t wait for you to read our work!

In reading, we have been working through a shared read aloud, Puppy Power. Throughout this unit we have learned that readers are able to notice patterns in a story. Those patterns can then help us to see how a character has changed throughout a book. Be sure to ask your kids how Fran and Hercules have changed from the beginning of the story until the end.

This week in math we are continuing our story problems unit by taking a look at a “non-routine” problem. This is a problem that is outside of a traditional addition/subtraction problem. A non-routine problem may involve logic, may have more than one answer, and is a problem which asks students to think flexibly. This week’s problem is about choosing snacks and drinks at a snack bar, and how many combinations are possible. Our focus is on organization: kids are realizing that if they work in an organized, systematic way, they can prove that they have found all the combinations.

Now for a few reminders:

  • Please check ReadWorks weekly to see if a new assignment has been posted. Please don’t worry if your child’s assignment is flagged as late. There is a glitch in the system.
  • Our field trip to the Greenbelt Conservancy is next week. Please note that the trip may be cancelled due to inclement weather. We will let you know the status as soon as we know. If you are chosen to serve as a chaperone, you will be notified via email.
  • The next Scholastic order is due on November 30th.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are on November 16th. Sign-ups will be announced soon.


Ms. Anne and Ms. Mathis