PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

301’s Sixth-Grade Buddies

This morning we started a new relationship. Class 602 is going to be our Buddy Classroom! Buddy classes are something that Mr. Havlik has brought here from his former school, as a way of building connections and friendship across the grades. We’ll be getting together with our Buddy class once a month or so to do various things together. Today was our first “getting to know each other” meeting. Mr. O’Hickey, Ms. Waters and I had met ahead of time to plan out who would be a good partner for whom, and the sixth graders had worked hard to develop questions that would be good conversation starters. It was really heartwarming to see our big kids and your kids sitting together, finding common ground and smiling and laughing together!

Half of the class went to Ms. Water’s room, since we couldn’t fit 64 children in our room, but here are some photos from our room. Ask your child tonight about his or her partner, and what they talked about!