PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

K-5 Dance Room Weekly Update 11/16

This week in dance, fourth and fifth grade students worked collaboratively to create “Group Shapes”, “Melting Quartet Shapes” and “Partner Gestures”. All of these short movement tasks are opportunities for students to explore concepts of dance and will later become resources in their choreographer’s toolbox. The third grade has a week off due to PTC’s, but when they return we will continue our exploration of language arts and movement through the embodiment of letters, syllables and words.

Second grade dancers have started studying insects and how they move. We created a chart describing what they look like and how they move through space. Students got to explore their findings through movement games including “Back to Back” and “Mirroring”. First graders are applying their knowledge of the size concept to a sandwich dance. By using the ABA format, students are learning how to create a dance with two very different ideas. These dancers get to show their work to the rest of the class during a “DanceShare”. And our kindergarteners are now learning about the difference between locomotor and non-locomotor movement. This week they got to explore different ways of moving across the floor. We use locomotor movement to travel from place to place. How can the body move in one place? What does that feel or look like? These are some of the questions we are asking each other. It has been such a delight watching all of these students exploring dance.

The following photos are from several weeks ago. They show our fourth graders enthusiastically working on movement sentences.  Have a great weekend all!

Ms. Diane