PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Pajama Runway and more!

It was lovely to see you all at Parent-Teacher conferences. I appreciated all the positive feedback, and look forward to a continued partnership throughout the remainder of the year. While I shared with you your child’s academic progress, there is also a lot of fun happening in 302! Last week was a particularly busy week…

Buddy Classes

Class 601 is going to be our Buddy Classroom! Buddy classes are something that Mr. Havlik has brought here from his former school, as a way of building connections and friendship across the grades. We’ll be getting together with our Buddy class once a month or so to do various activities together. Last week, we mingled with our sixth grade buddies and did a “getting to know you” Scavenger Hunt. Soon, Ms. Liza and I will team up to set buddy partnerships, and we will write letters to our buddies, introducing ourselves.  It was wonderful to begin this connection between our elementary and upper school!

Prospect Park Zoo Trip

We also had a field trip last week to the Prospect Park Zoo! The class participated in a workshop on Animal Adaptations. Students had an opportunity to look at animal skulls, and make observations and inferences about the animal.  Is the animal predator or prey? Where might it live? Based on it’s jaws, teeth, size and position of eye sockets, what animal might it be? The children were also excited to meet the zoo’s chinchilla! We ate lunch outside on a sunny day, and had time to explore the zoo in small groups. Thank you to our parent volunteers!!!

Pajama Day

After parent-teacher conference evening, I appreciated wearing my pajamas to school on Friday! The children made an adorable display in their jammies, and I couldn’t help but have a Pajama Runway Showcase!  We played some music and each child had a moment in the spotlight!  As always, students who are not comfortable are encouraged, but also have a “right to pass“, according to our Tribes Agreements. Here are some of our pajama fashions:


This Week:

  • Your child will receive his/her World Map Assessment. Please sign it and return it to school!
  • Our class has filled our Community Jar again! The class voted for a Private Pajama Party with stuffed animals and hot cocoa (and cookies!). We will have our celebration on Wednesday.  Tricia (our class parent) will be reaching out for supply donations. Thanks in advance!
  • No school on Thursday and Friday!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!