PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Chess News from Vlad

Well, we were rather busy, playing in tournaments with various results, but it was difficult to gather our team in one place and we finally accomplished that today. We played at Avenues: The World school where many other good teams competed like Andersen, Dalton, Collegiate, Lower Lab e.t.c. The results were outstanding. First of all congratulations to our 1grader James who got 1 place in K-1 under 500 section with a perfect 4 out of 4 score. In Booster K-8 under 800 section, we had 6 kids playing: Andrew, Katya, Lucy, Alexey, David, and Jonathan. Andrew got 2nd place individually, the team got 1 place and Lucy got a trophy for the best game played. In the second most challenging section: Classic our team – Levi, Megan, Andrey, and Jake tied for first place with Dalton, but they were ahead of us by tiebreaks. And finally, in the strongest section: Future Masters ( Ronen, Liz, and George), Ronen got second place individually with a perfect 3 out 3 and our team got 1 place, ahead of Dalton this time ;). Oh yes and our former BSI student Arthur placed first in QUADS, where the four highest-rated competitors of the tournament participated.

All these results are impressive and show the dedication and hard work of our kids. And essentially it’s all about the team efforts.  Although Georgie only scored half a point, without it we wouldn’t get first place, or without Maggie, or Becca, or Abi, or every other child that I didn’t mention. It’s not about the results, it’s about overcoming difficulties, creative ideas, objectivity when you can’t blame anyone but yourself, you just have to work harder.

Our unbelievably supportive parents who it’s a joy to spend time with. Please forgive me if I forgot to mention someone’s name, you are all in my heart.

Please wish us good luck. Next month our team will compete in Orlando, Florida to play in K-12 Nationals.

When we come back we’re not going to relax :). December 16th CIS is going to have a tournament at PS 503. Please register, if you want to play in advance. (Scroll all the way to the bottom)