PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 6 Math Week of 11/27/17

Welcome back from the long weekend!

This week we’ve already looked at the Distributive Property, and checked in on our factorization, greatest common factor (GCF) and least common multiple (LCM) skills. By the end of the week, we’ll have a more secure sense of Order of Operations!

In class today, students did a ‘Check-up’ based on their last investigation. It served as a warm-up to reviewing for next week’s test. Upon reviewing the work and answers, I am sending home an answer key where students can check their work against the key, self-assess their strategies, and practice these skills with new numbers. This will not be collected or graded, but students who do this will be more successful in next week’s Unit 2 Test (Wednesday, 12/6/17). If students discover that they have further questions after reviewing their answers and trying new questions, there will be opportunities to sign up for conferences Monday and Tuesday. Additional classwork and assignments over the next week will also help students prepare for the test.

Families from 601 who are able to join us for Family Friday on 12/1 at 9:30 will be playing an Order of Operations game. Get your dice rolling skills ready!

6 sided dice.jpg12-sided dice.jpg20-sided dice.jpg