PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

4th Grade Character Development-Quotes, Stories, Vocabulary.

Dear Families,

It was a pleasure seeing you all for Family Friday! If you did go you got to see our “Do Now,” in action.  Every day of the week we dedicate a quick warm up activity to get the brain thinking.  Every day is dedicated to a different aspect of the curriculum.  Vocabulary acquisition, spelling, responding to something we have read (*ReadWorks assignment), writing stamina, and a quote around character development.  Here are some of the past and future quotes.  If your child would like to bring in a quote of their liking, please encourage them to do so.  d4c09b7f4dd2e614f477a08ed1efd417--saying-sorry-im-sorryhow-to-be-an-ally.jpg


During vocabulary development we take a word and find as many words as we can using the root.  For example, the prehistoric can be broken up into pre +  histor  +  is.   I can make the words- Historian, history, histories.  The word replacement  can be broken up into re + place + ment.  I can make the words- Placemat, place, placing, placed, places.

When we discuss the ReadWorks we tend to first have them write on a post it.  They write a reaction, then choose the most interesting idea to talk about as a class.  They lead the discussion as they call on one another.

During writing stamina time we put a timer and I give them a prompt.  They try to write as much as they can in that period of time.



  • We are beginning to draft our commentaries in class this week. We will learn how to elaborate on an idea using evidence and or facts.
  • We are continuing our nonfiction with an emphasis on note taking and identifying the structure of a text.