PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Gr. 1 Winter Celebration and Informational Reading!


On Thursday December 21 from 10:30 – 12:00  we are inviting all parents in to participate in our winter celebration.   More information to follow!

Reader’s Workshop:  Informational Text

This week we launched our new reading unit.  In this unit students will be exploring informational texts and how they work.  They will learn reading strategies to help them navigate informational texts.  

We started the unit by having students explore a variety of informational text and notice how they differ from fictional text.  Here is a chart created by students in 101 that shows the informational text features they noticed and how it helps a reader.  When reading with your child you can ask:  What informational text features do you notice?  How do they help you as a reader? What do informational readers do?  

Field Trip

We are going to the New York Aquarium on Thursday, December 14.  The cost of the trip is $7.00. This week your child will be coming home with a trip slip.  Please send in the money and trip slip as soon as possible, especially if you are ordering a school lunch. Please note we will be eating lunch in the classroom.  We can only take a selected number of chaperones and will email those who are interested only if they are chosen. Chaperones will be chosen at random.

Don’t forget to have your child wear something blue tomorrow!