PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

4th Grade Math: Test Corrections

Dear Families,

Students will be receiving their multiplication tests back today.  In grading them I noticed that the students are really internalizing how to model multiplication using arrays. They are also getting very good at computation.  

One thing we are still working on is explaining why things happen mathematically.  It isn’t easy to write about our math ideas, so this is something we are all striving to get better at. Both classes already had a discussion about the zero trick the day after the test, which can also be viewed on the blog from a few weeks ago.   Also, it is often helpful to draw a model to help prove your ideas.  Drawing an array would have been quite beneficial on Part C, number 2.  The question stated:

Janine was solving the following problem: 73 x 24.  She said, “That’s easy. All I have to do is multiply 70 x 20 and 3 x 4 and then add the products together.  Do you agree or disagree with Janine?  Prove your ideas.

Drawing an array would help students see if Janine multiplied all of the necessary parts, which would be a great tool to prove their answer.

If students would like, I am offering the option of test corrections.  Students may earn back up to half of their lost points by doing the following:  On a sheet of paper, students can re-do the questions where they lost points.  The questions should be labeled clearly.  If they are correct, they will gain back half the points they lost.  Please have them submit the original test with the corrections.  The deadline for submissions is one week from when the test is returned, which would mean one week from today, December 15.  If they have any questions as they review the content, they may come to me with questions.

There are two benefits for offering this.  The most important is that it encourages students to go back and re-engage with content.  The other benefit is that it can improve their grade.

Have a wonderful weekend!