PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update week of 12/11/17

Kindergarteners finished their self portraits this week and learned the “pinch and pull” technique in order to create clay turtles. First grade will pull the tissue off of their dye transfer collages, draw and cutout seahorses and glue them onto a background. Second grade will continue to paint details on their puppets, while Third grade learned the Rya knot to add texture to their story weaving. Fourth grade is finishing their Pop Art personality soup cans, and Fifth grade continues to work on their plaster action figure sculptures. Sixth grade are finishing their wire self portraits and Seventh grade proceeds to work on their sneaker designs. Eighth graders have finished drawing three sketches for their Murakami inspired skateboards, have chosen their best design, and will now proceed to enlarge it on a skateboard sized deck.
There’s a new bulletin board up with the Sixth grade’s onomatopoeia words in the style of Roy Lichtenstein, as well as Kindergarten’s self-portraits.