PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Our relief maps are complete!

Last week, students in 302 had the satisfaction of completing their salt clay relief maps! This was our first long term project in 3rd grade! Students had to work over time in a multi-step process, in which each step was important towards completion of the final product.  Children at this age respond well to class projects, and really enjoy cooperative work.  At this age children can pay greater attention to detail.  Our salt clay relief map project not only honed key social studies skills, but fine motor skills, and collaboration as well!

Here is a look at the finished products:

Each student proudly posed with his/her partner:

This week, we are continuing our continent research. Each partnership will continue the exploration of their continent. The next final product will be an informational brochure. Partners will work together to collect information, yet every individual student will create his/her own brochure.

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, December 19th– Buddy Classes Make Gingerbread Houses (302 & 601)

Gingerbread House Sign Up   Thank you so much already for all your contributions!

Friday, December 22ndCookies and Craft Celebration (Families Welcome!) 10-11 am