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4th Grade Science: Our friends need a home over winter break!

Update for 12/13-12/21: Over the next week the 4th graders will be finishing up our first science unit. Students have been studying different animals and today will be our final lab experiment: “Mystery Pellets“. The class will be working in groups to dissect unknown animal pellets and observe remains of its prey to identify the animal it came from. This hands-on activity will be another way that students learn about food chains!

Next week we will be wrapping up the unit by modeling food chains and identifying how our animal friends play important roles in the food chain.

Our friends need a home while school is closed!

WINTER BREAK: Are you staying local over the break? Do you love animals, specifically reptiles? Do you want to observe our friends a little more closely? If you answered “yes” to these questions then you may want to watch over our little friends over the break! Our 5 anoles and 1 long-tailed lizard need a home over break. Please let me know before Monday 12/18 if you would like to take one or more home for the break! They will need to be picked up from our class Thursday 12/21/17 (as I am not here on Fridays) and returned Wednesday 1/3/18!


Inquire via email:  



Some pictures from today!