PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1: Informational Reading

Reading Workshop

We are continuing to learn strategies for reading informational text.  Students are learning how informational texts are read differently than fiction.  Even before reading, we get our minds ready by looking at the cover, flipping through the pages and thinking about what we might learn.  When reading fiction we use a storytellers voice but when we are reading informational book we use a teaching voice.  As we read we stop and think about what we are learning from the book.  Here is a chart from 102 showing many of the things we are learning.  As you read informational books with your child at home practice these skills.




We have begun a new unit focusing on addition and subtraction strategies.  It begins with the story of a double decker bus.  Passengers get on the bus and can sit on the top or bottom deck.  There are 10 seats on the top and 10 seats on the bottom.  Here is a problem for your child to solve at home that is similar to one we are doing at school.  In this problem we want students to find every way to break apart 9 into two numbers (eg: 5 and 4, 3 and 6, 6 and 3).

There are 9 passengers on the bus.  How many passengers can sit on the top deck and how many passengers can sit on the bottom deck?  What are all the possible answers?

Extension:  Try this problem with different numbers of passengers. (Remember there are only 10 seats on the top and 10 seats on the bottom.) Pick three or four different amounts of passengers and find every way they could be on the top and bottom deck.  Is there a pattern between the number of passengers and the number of ways they can sit on the bus?  Why is this pattern happening?  Can you use this pattern to predict how many ways a certain number of passengers can sit on the bus?

Remember: Mathematicians are always looking for patterns!

If your child completes this extension we would love to see the work!  Have him/her bring it to school to share.  

Our School Community

We met with our 4th grade buddies.  We shared and read books to each other.














We also had a visit from three middle school students.  They talked to us about the “No Place for Hate” program that encourages appreciation for diversity and fights against bias and bullying.  It is powerful for our first graders to hear this message from the older students.  



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We wish everyone a safe and happy winter break.  We look forward to seeing many of you at our Winter Celebration this Thursday from 10:30 -12:00.