PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Gr2 Week of 12/22 Many Thanks…

Dear Families,

We want to thank you for a wonderful year thus far. It is a pleasure working with each one of your children. Thank you for the generous gifts as well. We appreciate your generosity and support very much!

Here are some pictures from the trip to the South Street Seaport Museum. Both classes had an amazing time and even raised a sail!


Here are some pictures from our Holiday Celebrations. Thanks to all who donated food and materials for the classes.


Over the break, please make sure your children read daily. Students are also bringing home their writing notebooks. Encourage them to write about their vacation activities, or to use this time to write in a genre of their choice. In addition, a spelling list is being sent home. This list includes frequently used words that we have noticed the children have trouble with, and also words with “u” patterns (tricky!). The students will be assessed upon their return to school. Finally, a new Readworks assignment will be posted for class 201. 202 should review old assignments and complete any past assignments that have not been finished. School will resume on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.

Here is the list for the students that were absent on Friday:

Spelling List

  1. was        I was wondering if we could have a snack.
  2. I         I will bring the snacks.
  3. wet         Don’t get your pants wet in the snow.
  4. fox    I saw a fox yesterday.
  5. same      It was the same one we saw last week.
  6. hide    It tried to hide.
  7. come      I was happy it didn’t come closer.
  8. am      I am going to bring my whistle.
  9. goes       He goes away when I blow the whistle.
  10. cute      My sister thinks the fox is cute.
  11. focus    We will focus on our writing.
  12. cedar    We will build it by the cedar tree.
  13. tube     Crawl through that yellow tube.
  14. flute     I play the flute.
  15. cute      My little sister is cute.
  16. clue      She needs to find a clue to solve the mystery.
  17. flu         I hope you don’t get the flu this year.
  18. cube     I have a picture cube on my desk.
  19. tune     Will you tune my guitar?
  20. you     I will help you on Monday.

Thank you again for your generous gifts, and have a wonderful holiday and amazing New Year!

Ms. Mathis and Ms. Anne