PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update, Week of 1/2/2018

Happy New Year! The photos attached to this update are from the 7th grade sneaker design unit. The students had to name their sneaker company, choose a sport that their sneaker would be designed for, research sneaker materials and technology related to their sport, research design trends, and create a logo for their company. Subsequently the 7th graders drew sketches to work out their color palette and design from 5 different shoe angles: both sides, front and back view as well as the sole. I think the students did an outstanding job, not only in their designs, but in persevering through a long unit.

Kindergarten continued to work on their oil pastel and watercolor resist alphabet posters. First grade looked at Picasso’s Bouquet of Peace, 1958, and then proceeded to draw and paint their own. Second grade put the finishing touches on their puppets while Third grade continued their story weavings. Fourth grade embarked on a long unit in which they will learn about Native American basketry and their many different uses and styles. They started their own basket, learning how to coil yarn around a cord. Fifth grade continued painting their action figure sculptures while Sixth grade began making tessellations based on the work of the Dutch artist and graphic designer, M.C. Escher (1898-1972). Seventh grade continued to work on their radially symmetrical designs with Origami pieces. Eighth grade continued to work on their Animé/Manga/Pop Art based skateboards.