PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 4 & 5 Media Literacy – Week of 1/7/18 – Typing Skills to Improve Performance

Many of the tasks that use to be done on pen and paper are increasingly migrating to being done on computers, laptops, and personal devices. Everything is going digital. So why is learning to efficiently and proficiently type important?

For starters, all computers and laptops still have a touch keyboard and require the exact same method as was originally performed on typewriters. Here are some benefits to touch typing and how it will improve students’ performance overall:

  1. Speed and accuracy: improves efficiency
  2. Time: drastically cuts down the amount of time used working on an assignment
  3. Focus: rather than relying on sight, touch typing aids in motor memory skills freeing up students’ focus on the keyboard and puts it back on the screen where the real work (and thinking) should be the main focus.
  4. Productivity: by improving speed, accuracy, time, and focus students get more work done efficiently which opens up opportunities to get more work (and play!) done in the day.