PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Grade 1: Mealworm Investigation


We have begun a new unit on Animal Diversity.  We are beginning this unit by studying mealworms.  Each student is taking care of two mealworms.  We created habitats for the mealworms by providing a safe shelter, air, food and water.  We will be observing our mealworms for several weeks, drawing and writing about our observations in our mealworm journals.  

Parents, we ask that you do not “Google” mealworms with your child or do any other kind of research at home.  We want students to observe first hand what happens to these interesting insects and to experience the surprise and mystery that comes with studying science up close.

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Reading and Writing

Our Animal Diversity science unit is also being integrated into reading and writing.  Students are participating in shared research projects about an animal. 101 is researching jellyfish and 102 is researching stingrays.   First graders are learning how to ask questions, take notes on new information learned and identify misconceptions they had.   Students are choosing how they want to share their information.  Working in groups they can write a book, make a poster or made a video.  We are excited to share our learning with each other.

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Here is a fun game you can play at home to practice addition.  When we played at school we were able to make a total of more than 20.  In the linked version the total cannot be more than 20.  You can play either way.

Close to 20 Game