PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance Room Happenings! K-5 (1/19/18)

Kindergarten had a wonderful week exploring the word size and what that means in dance. We can make big, medium or small movements with our bodies by stretching far apart or bringing everything closer together. Dancers got to try this out on their bodies by playing  a game called Giants and Trees. Next week, kindergarten will find out how the idea of size can change locomotor movement. These dancers will also get to practice their choreographic skills by making a sandwich dance using ABA format.


First graders are finishing up their unit on space by creating a dance machine in small groups. Each group will try to utilize all the concepts we have learned including; non-locomotor movement, size, levels, pathways and focus. After the creating period, dancers will get to share their work with the class. Second grade is still brainstorming movement that reflects city workers jobs. Each class is coming up with incredible gestures and we are working together as a group to build a movement sequence. Next step for these dancers, is to take what the large group has made and rearrange it for a small group. They will be encouraged to add elements of dance that are missing such as level and dynamics. Second graders will get to share their work with the class upon completion of this project.

Our third graders are having a lot of fun investigating verbs as action words. In small groups, these dancers are creating a movement sentence revolving around five verbs. They must have a beginning, a middle and an end, and they are being encouraged to use  many elements of dance that will make their work unique and interesting to watch. The fourth and fifth graders are completing their study of Latin Dance by applying skills learned with a partner. Next, we will begin our analysis of Classical Indian Dancing, and see if there are any similarities or differences to what we have learned about Latin Dance.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane