PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update week of 1/22/18

Kindergarten finished working on their collage animals this week while first graders painted their clay pinch pots white in preparation for painting black patterns and designs in the style of the Anasazi Pueblo people. Second grade continued to draw birds for their Post Office stamps while third grade continued

to put the finishing touches on their story weavings. Having finished their pop art personality soup cans (see photos), Fourth grade are getting the hang of coiling baskets, and fifth grade continues to finesse their action figure sculptures.
Sixth graders are working on their tessellations, as seventh grade began their BSI T-shirt concepts for the BSI T-shirt contest. Eighth grade finished their skateboard designs in the style of Takashi Murakami (1962-), and are also coming up with BSI T-shirt concepts for the contest sponsored by the BSI PTO. The student winner will have their design printed on this year’s BSI T-shirt, and the runner up will receive a gift of art supplies.