PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

What’s Happening in the Dance Room? Kindergarten-5th Week of 1/26/18

Everyone is moving and grooving in the dance room! The kindergarten dancers are learning how to create a sandwich dance using the ABA template. After moving through several activities exploring size, dancers can use their new-found knowledge to make a dance. In first grade, the students are so close to sharing their creative and imaginative Machine Dances.  These students have been planning and collaborating for a week now and are ready to share their work.


Second grade students are finishing up their City Job Dances. The class brainstormed as a whole group, movement gestures reflecting various jobs. Now they have been working in smaller groups playing with sequence and unison.

Third graders continue to explore connections between language arts and dance. Presently they are doing small group projects showing verbs or action words in a movement sentence.


And our oldest dancers are taking a short break from comparing cultural dances to work on a movement sentence project in small groups. They must choose and sequentially assemble, four locomotor and non-locomotor action words. Using as many movement concepts as they can to make the phrase interesting to watch, students must show a beginning, middle and end. I am looking forward to seeing the results next week!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane