PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Jellyfish & Stingrays!


We finished our research projects this week! Students were very excited to share all they learned about jellyfish and stingrays.  Students choose to either make a poster, a book or a video.  Below are some photos from our share.



In  math we created a  toolbox of addition strategies and subtraction strategies because we know mathematicians all think, work and strategize differently. See the charts below as a reference for when working with your children on their facts or playing math games.




Social Studies

Our new social studies unit is called Families, Now and Long Ago.  We started the unit by having students look at pictures from the past and make noticings/wonderings about what life was like and how things have changed. Students noticed that clothing was different, technology has changed and the way we communicate has also changed.  This week we took at look at transportation.  Students worked in groups to analyze photographs of different types of transportation and how it changed.  We discussed how this impacted family life and how family life improved as transportation improved.  They made timelines to show what they learned.