PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

The 4th Grade Grew a Heart!

Dear Families,

We had a successful “Unexpected and Extraordinary Kindness” week!  We visited the cafeteria workers, security officers, janitors, and the kids even made a “make a friend,” bench for the recess yard.  They presented thank you cards, banner, and yummy heart donuts and hot chocolate!  They created signs to hang on the “time out bench,” and reimagined it as the “make a friend bench.”


IMG_2899Here is a picture of our awesome janitor receiving his gift!  He was so happy and touched.  You should of seen the nurse when we gave her, her gifts.  She thought there was a major problem when we all showed up, but her eyes softened when she realized why we were all there!


And then we can’t forget the cook and our crossing guards!!!

We visited the ABLE school on the second floor.  We offered hand made fidgets to a class and gave the kids cookies and heart shaped donuts!  They wanted us to be pen pals.  We will write letters to class X10!!  We got to even see them in action doing dance with Ms. Diane.

IMG_2907 (1)

Then to top it off we visited Mr. Havlik and gave him a thank you-poster with inspirational words on it!




  • I wanted to let you know that many kids have been bringing in slime to the classroom.  It has been a major distraction.  Kids are spilling it all over the classroom, they have been making it in bathrooms, and are playing with it when they should be focussing on their work.  Please check their book bags before they go to school and make sure they have not snuck it in! (I have a seven year old. I know how things magically appear in that book bag!)
  • Our Field trip is this Thursday the 8th.  We will be leaving at 9:30 on the dot.  I like to take all chaperone’s that signed up.  If you have are in Staten Island feel free to meet me at Historic Richmond Town.  The workshops begin at 10:30 near the parking lot that is nearest to the court house.  You will see a smaller building to the right if you are facing the court house from the parking lot.  Look for the yellow school buses.
  • Feel free to purchase our read aloud, Pedro’s Journal and read it at home again with your child or at the least read it yourself and have a conversation with him or her.
  • Don’t forget that is a fun resource that is really able to increase your child’s vocabulary. I’ve added explorer vocabulary.
  • Family Friday is scheduled for Friday the 9th.
  • The Read Works is still due on Sunday’s.  I apologize I forgot to post it one week.  We will be working on short written responses.  They should have a sentence that clearly answers the comprehension question and supporting details linked together with transitional words.  (in addition, for example, first, second, at last, in comparison, therefore, in conclusion, etc)
  • Please check school loop.  I have been posting grades for behavior and for school work.