PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Music, Grades 6-8, Week of February 5th

Hello Families,

Students are currently working on their artist research/song analysis project. Here are the details, as per School Loop!

The FOUR components of the project are:

*6th grade may disregard components 3 & 4. You will focus on the biography and song analysis ONLY.*

1) Artist Biography

You will include 3-5 paragraphs of biographical information about the artist, band members and/or composer. Look for interviews with the artist – they often share with audiences and fans the inspiration for/story behind their songs.

2) Song Analysis

The lyrics to the song that you are analyzing must be in the document. (For students who have chosen songs without lyrics, you will need either chord progressions or a knowledge of the overall sections/themes of the piece.)

-There should be a summary of what the song it about. This summary may either be written in paragraph form, or, you may annotate each verse. Please choose the format that best suits your song.

-Each section of the piece should be properly labeled: either verse/chorus/bridge, or using the A/B/C format. Color coding the different musical sections may prove to be very useful. For example, the verses (one musical idea) would be one color, and the chorus (another musical idea) would be a second color.

3) Artist Fun Facts

In addition to the biography, please include 5 “fun facts” about the song or artist. This might include: how many views the video has, how many copies of the song/album were sold, additional albums/songs that the artist is well-known for, etc.

4) “What in the world is happening?”

Artists, and the art that they create, are effected by what is going on in the world around them. Keeping this in mind, search for recent headlines or news story that YOU think are influencing the artists that you are researching. For example, songs about racial tension, drug overdoses/suicide, bullying, body image issues (to name a few) were not popular song topics in the 20’s, but they are today. Why is that? How is the world today a different place?

-The headlines that you select do NOT have to relate directly to your song, but rather, the music that we find ourselves listening to everyday.

-Choose 5 headlines/events from the time period your artist was/is creating, which you consider important to our society/world.

-There is a sample project for further examples online or students may come to me for a hard copy.


Remember: Your working class document is to be shared with me. The title of this document MUST include your first/last name, your class, and Music Project 1.   Ex: Siobhan Cintula, K002, Music Project 1

**Your work should be IN YOUR OWN WORDS, edited and grammatically correct. The final project may be either a Google Document or a Google Slide Show.**



Please encourage your child to make the most of their time in school. I have given more than enough class time to complete this assignment. I am trying to prevent them from having to work on this project over the break.


Thank you!