PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update, week of 2/5/18

Kindergarten learned that when something is the same on both sides it is symmetrical.
They each drew a large butterfly with symmetrical patterns on the wings in oil pastel. The background was then painted with watercolors. First grade continued to work on their Anasazi Pueblo People pinch pots. Second grade has finished their individual bird stamps, and have moved on to collaboratively design the classroom post office boxes with the same theme (see photos). Third grade had a group class reflection about their awesome story weavings. Students answered the following 4 questions: what was the easiest part of this project, the most challenging, what would they change if they could, and what are they proudest of. Fourth grade will continue to work on finishing their coiled baskets, which parents will get to see on Family Friday. They look amazing! Fifth grade is putting the last finishing touches on their action figure sculptures, while sixth grade are proceeding with their tessellation drawings. Seventh grade finished their radial symmetry origami project (see photos) and with Eighth grade are working on the BSI T-shirt design contest.