PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Music Update: Grade 5

Our fifth grade song writers were hard at work this week! Some students presented their first compositions and they were hysterical. Some students were not quite ready to “release” their work, and some are already starting the next song for their first album. I LOVE seeing their enthusiasm.


Please, ask your child what his/her song was about!! As a hint, and so you’re prepared for some of their ideas, topics included:

  • pizza, candy, cookies, watermelon (food is very popular to write about apparently!)
  • turtles/tragedy
  • future careers
  • diamonds
  • friendship
  • confidence

Students were laughing, smiling and having a great time as they wrote songs and shared. I want to encourage them to explore their creativity, and therefore, this first task was very general in nature. For our next music writing task, after the break, students will be using Garage Band (gradually!) as we introduce specific song writing requirements:

Form (chorus/verse)




Enjoy the break! Turn on the radio, listen to ALL kinds of music, tap the rhythm, clap the beat, and HAVE FUN!!