PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

4th Grade Fantasy Book Clubs!

Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

We are having so much fun reading in book clubs.  The students are learning how to reread closely looking for pieces that would contribute to an engaging conversation.  Making astute inferences, determining theme, thinking symbolically and synthesizing ideas across an entire book.  Lastly, we will be turning our reading work into a essay in the coming weeks. (*This work will help better prepare them for the ELA)

To prepare for the next set of book clubs beginning on March 19th, I am putting together a wish list.  Many of the books in our libraries are books in which our students have read already.  The list I put together is a list of books, recently published.  We just don’t have them in school.  I figured if each parent contributed by purchasing only one book, we would be all set for our launch in March.  I am attaching a google spread sheet to keep track of which books have been purchased and which child will bring them in.  I am requesting that the books be brought in by March 15th.  That is the day for our parent teacher conferences.  You can bring them in when we meet.


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.13.23 AM

The students are entering the last stage of their European Explorers Unit.  I have published on the school loop calendar, the Project Guide.  (Look on March 9th for the guide.)  Please note, not everything is mandatory.  The journal will be drafted in school.  It is up to your child to make it look authentic!  Fun.  Bring out your tea and age those pages!


  • Both classes will go to a Revolutionary War Field Trip to Greenwood Cemetery.  Permission slips will go home after break.  The date is set for March 14th.
  • Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for March 15.

Have a wonderful break!