PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

4th Grade ripple of kindness

Dear Parents,

We had visitors to 402 last week.  Class X10 from ABLE the district 75 school surprised us!  During out unexpected and extraordinary kindness week we visited them and gave them hand made fidgets and cookies.  Last week they surprised us.  They stopped by and wrote us thank you letters.  It was so great having them as visitors.

We are beginning an Anti Bullying curriculum beginning this week during community building.


  • Greenwood Revolutionary War Field Trip.  March 14th
  • PTC March 15th.
  • Book Clubs are going great.  Thank you for all of the Fantasy books!!!  We have been busy learning how to write essays using a strict structure.  Thesis, reasons and specific evidence in a well organized essay.  This work will help them feel confident when they write their essays for the ELA.