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Chess News from Ms. Olga

Winter Chess Updates
By Mrs. Olga.
The new 2018 year is well under way with stormy weather outside as well as inside on our chess boards.

Kindergartners now enjoy playing real chess games trying to implement Opening Principles like fighting for the middle of the board right from the start of a game, developing minor pieces first, and castling. Each lesson they practice their new learned skills trying to checkmate an opponent’s king. Currently we are learning different ways a chess game could end in a tie, called a draw in chess. We will
follow that with studying and practicing simple endgame checkmating patterns.
After finishing learning about Draw in chess and studying basic endgame patterns students of

Class 102 were excited to start their class championship last week. Class 101 will follow suit this week. First graders will begin working on chess tactics like Double Attack, Pin, Discovery and etc. within next couple of weeks. Learning how to find those tricks in their own games will develop students’ analytical skills.

Second and Third graders have just completed their respective class championships with award ceremonies taking place this week. By now we’ve learned a number of different chess tactics. We also have studied games with examples for each one of the tactics, and have worked on themed puzzles in order to deepen understanding of them and making it easier for students to find those tricks in their own games.

Fourth graders continue working on their chess game collection. Games we’ve examined
provided insights and techniques on how to attack a castled king with a various pawn structures, as well as introduced our young chess enthusiasts to different chess openings. We’ve also studied basic paw end games. 4th and 5th grade class championships will wrap up this week with award ceremonies to follow next week. Fifth graders continue their study of World Chess Champions’ games. We are to analyze the sheer chess power of the 11th World Champion Robert Fischer this week. Students were introduced to
variants of a chess game like Random Chess, also known as Chess960. We are also getting ready for Chess Jeopardy with students coming up with names and questions for Jeopardy categories.

The upper grades Thursday Lunch Chess Club started last month. Many 5th graders took advantage of this great opportunity to play and study even more chess.

Stay tuned for our next chess updates.
Happy coming spring to whole BSI community!
Yours for Chess,

P.S. Fifth graders were asked to write a chess poem a few months ago. Here are some of them.

“Chess Poem” by Alina.
So awesome
So amazing.

“Chess Poem” by Natalie
The game of war and battle
Where the warriors protect their king.

Is a sport and is art.
A sport is to teach you how to
Concentrate to protect their goal,
Which in chess is the king.
Art is the application of human creative
Skills and imagination.
Skills is a big part of chess creativity
And imagination as well.

Is complicate strategies, and skills.
Is a game of war.
Chess, is a game of battle strategy.
Chess, is the game

of warriors.

“The Journey” by Molly
I watch the white pieces prepare.
They have plenty of plans,
I’m guessing.
My side discusses battle plans.
The game
I watch helplessly as one by one,
My friends, family,
All get taken away.
I close my eyes.
It will be my turn soon.
Rook ‘b’ looks at me.
He steps forward
His moves are graceful until,
The white knight gallops toward him.
It’s just me and the king on the board.
I take a few steps forward…