PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

March 8th Dance Room Update

Spring is around the corner and the dance room is buzzing with energy. Lots of creating and sharing in room 301 this week. The fourth and fifth grades are finishing up their World Cultural Dance unit by creating their very own group folk dances. Using movement, sound, dancer formation, costumes and a theme, students are collaborating ideas to compose a group folk dance. Below are pictures of students planning, practicing and performing some of these incredible dances.

One fifth grade class is studying choreographic tools and had a lot of fun creating dances using the mirror/shadow devices in ABA form. They are investigating the fundamental element of the BODY using different regions, bases and parts. This group demonstrates innovative ideas for every task.

Third grade is also getting ready to create a dance, and this one inspired by the parts of a plant.  Students first uncovered the five main components of a plant and then learned about their function. Now they work in groups to create movement reflecting these specific ideas. Once they have established a clear physical idea for the all the different parts including the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit, then they can put the parts together to form a completely new and assembled Plant Dance.

Second grade continues their work of building a bridge dance. This takes major teamwork since it involves the entire class. They are working to stabilize a formation with 32 bodies and move in 3/4 time. The first grade is also making dances. This week they learned about “sticky shapes” and how this includes linear, curved and twisted shapes. Next step for these little dancers is a group project using the different kinds of sticky shapes.

Finally, the kindergarten students have started to explore the use of focus in dance. A single focus means looking at one thing while you are moving. A multi focus happens when we are looking at many things. Spring and all of its wonderful energy is definitely in the dance room this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane