PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

4th grade history in our own backyard

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

We are embarking on an exciting journey into history.  Today we will begin our unit on the Revolutionary War!  On Wednesday both classes will take a trolley tour (*hopefully the snow won’t impede our travels) to a spot where one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War was fought.  Check out this awesome link that was created by a local middle school student that tracks the battle in various points in Brooklyn.  Here is the link.    In the next few weeks students will learn about the events leading up to the war, The French and Indian War, the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, etc.

In reading and writing we have turned our attention to essay writing.  I have been teaching the students in differentiated small groups how to write an essay using a clear structure.  We have focussed our attention on a book’s theme.  In our work in SS we have been learning  how to illustrate what we are learning by writing a topic sentence, followed by specific evidence from the text to support the topic.  They have been taught how to transition between explaining what they have read and the supporting textual evidence.  This work is all geared to support the kind of writing that will be asked of them on the ELA.


  • Field trip forms are due.  We will be leaving for the field trip at 9:30 and returning by 1:30.  If you are chaperoning and you live close to Greenwood Cemetery, please meet us there, near the Archway at the main entrance.
  • Please join us this Tuesday, March 13th at 8:00 AM for our 4th grade parent meeting.  I will be discussing ways you can support essay writing at home.
  • I posted the date for the next HW check as well as the date for the published Explorer Journal.