PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Calligraphy Workshop

Last week, students took part in a Calligraphy Workshop. This was an in-class workshop, in which students learned a little about the Chinese characters, as well as how to form a dot, a stroke, a horizontal stroke, and a vertical stroke. The class worked with ink and brushes to create characters on special calligraphy grid paper. Students were astounded by how challenging it is to form the beautiful characters; it is truly an art form!

Here are a few pictures of children working very intently on this artistic writing!



TUESDAY- 3rd Grade Parent Meeting: Please join the 3rd grade team for the Third Grade Parent Meeting- Tuesday, March 20th from 8am-9am.

Mock Math Exam: 302 will be taking the Mock Math exam on March 21-22 (Wednesday- Thursday). We will take this practice exam under testing conditions. Please be on time for school. On Day 1, students will solve multiple choice questions. On Day 2, students will solve 8 multiple choice questions, then short answer and extended response questions. In short answer questions, children need to “show your strategy”. In extended response questions, children need to explain their strategy in complete sentences.

Astronaut Adventures: As you know, our trip was cancelled due to the weather. I am trying to reschedule. This is a popular trip, and we are currently on the wait list. I will keep you posted!

Bowling Trip- June 1st-  If you haven’t already, please send in your $10 for our Buddy Bowling Trip! Don’t forget to include your child’s shoe size.