PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

4th Grade Goes Back in Time


Dear Families,

We had a really nice trip to Greenwood Cemetery last week.  (Albeit a little cold.)Here a link to see some of the photos I took.  Link.  

Today in social studies the students learned about the 13 colonies. What natural resources that originated from each colony, (New England, Middle and Southern Colony) and what could be made with that specific natural resource.  For example whales were hunted and the fat could be made into oil to light lamps.




  • We have an exciting week planned!  The students will see a “Mid Summers Night Dream,” on Tuesday which will launch their Shakespeare residency!  (Click on the link prior) Every Friday (Through April 27th) the students will be work with Child’s Play NYC.  
  • I noticed that I have not received all of the Fantasy books that were supposed to be purchased and in by now.  Could you take a look at it and make sure you send it in with your child?  I am going to start book clubs after Spring Break.  Here is the link again.    If I don’t get them I will have to buy them on my own.
  • I am getting the students familiar with the ELA test format in school this week and next.  Before break I will send that work home so you can see what is expected of them.  The ELA is scheduled for April 11 and 12.  That is the week that they get back from vacation.   (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • I am having the students self assess their HW notebooks on March 26th.  Look to School Loop for details.
  • Their final Explorer Journal is due the last day before break, March 29th.