PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update Week of 3/19/18

Kindergarten finished multi-media heart collages and have moved on to a lesson taught by my wonderful assistant Celine Leroy, called “Fool the School.” Students were given a piece of newspaper, and proceeded to mix primary colors into secondary colors and tints to cover up the printed words. A fun, experiential introduction to mixing colors and painting! First grade will cut out their ice cream cones and glue them onto their posters. They will then name and write their ice cream flavors onto the posters as well. Second grade wove their pattern strips in order, and this week will create silhouettes to place on top. Third grade finished their semi-submerged Hippo multi-media pieces, and will learn about Henri Matisse’s (1859-1954) cut outs in preparation for silhouetted seascapes collages. Fourth grade are continuing to create their “Alph-Beasties” drawings. Fifth grade are still working on their one point perspective name drawings, having identified their horizon line, vanishing point, and orthogonal lines. Sixth grade are working on their Egyptian Canopic jars, utilizing recycled materials, and Model Magic. Seventh grade have largely finished their endangered animal scratchboards, listing their animal, its habitat, and how many are left in the wild. This week they will learn about Frank Stella (1936-) and his “Protractor” series, and will create and title their own. Eighth grade continues to work in clay, creating functional and sculptural pieces.