PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance Room News – 3/23/18

This week in dance, the kindergarten classes continued their exploration of dance and focus. We worked with partners and practiced using our eyes and body to learn new movement. A single focus is when you are looking at one person or thing directly. Next week, the students will be using multi-focus as they search for different colors around the room.

First graders have been presenting group shape dances. These young dance students are learning how to share ideas while working together. They are also discussing and practicing what the audience and performer roles “look” and “sound” like during a dance share.  Both classes are discovering how to look for different elements in what they see and then express their findings using vocabulary learned. The work these little dancers are doing would just make you smile!


Second graders had fun this week extending their bridge dance and playing Body Jenga. After learning about positive and negative space, dancers were able to build a gigantic group sculpture based on the different spaces. This was a lot of fun!

Our third graders are finishing up their plant dances by combining different parts and ideas into a whole new creative work. Students are collaborating in small groups to combine the plant parts and find movement transitions that will bring it all together. They are looking at perspective and timing as they design how their plant will be presented to an audience.

Some of our fourth and fifth graders are finishing their folk dances and others have begun a new study about choreographic tools. Presently, they are exploring mirror and shadow techniques in an ABA format, while others are learning about a compositional device called flocking.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane