PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

4th Grade Shakespeare Residency!

Dear Families,

Last week the 4th grade saw a wonderful performance of a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Child’s Play came again and worked with the students on theater skills to build empathy, character and emotional expression.

The teachers first began in a circle.  They played games to build inclusion.  “If you knew me….” allowed students to reveal something special and unique about them.  They stepped in the circle if it was the same for them, thereby building a safe environment.  Then they connected it back to the characters of the play.  (I sent home the sheet last week with all of the character’s names on them.)

They then began to explore the internal conflict within each character in the play as they played “If you knew me.”

Afterward they did some real acting!  They took one line from the play and played, “Emotional Corners.”  Each corner represented an emotion.  Rage, Joy, Sorrow and Jealousy.  They literally stepped into the corner and spoke the line, changing the meaning with their bodies and their voices.

Here are some photos.    Click here.


  • The ELA is scheduled for the week after Spring Break.  April 11th and 12th.  I am sending home today the practice work we have done.  They seem very prepared. If you want to do anything over break, go over adjectives that are used to describe characters.
  • Child’s Play will be coming back three more times to continue their residence.  April 13, 20, and the 27th.
  • For some reason, School Loop grades were published that were incorrect.  (* The WN homework for 3/26)  I did grade them today.  Please check to see the correct grades that I entered on March 27th.  If your child did not hand in their notebook or was absent the day I check it, please have them leave it on my desk.  Thank you!