PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Art Room Update week of 3/26/18

Kindergarten finished their “hide the shape” lesson with Ms. Celina, and will begin a lesson on complementary colors this week. First grade will be cutting and gluing their ice cream cones to their posters, and then will write all their flavors (real and invented) on it as well. Second grade finished their pattern weavings and will be drawing, then cutting and gluing a silhouette or silhouettes to frame their weavings. Third grade continues to work on drawing and cutting out sea life silhouettes in the style of Henri Matisse’s “Polynesia the Sea” (1946). Fourth grade is working on creating animals out of letters, referencing a book called “Alphabeasties” by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss. Fifth graders continue to draw their names in one point perspective, establishing the horizon line, vanishing point, rendering orthogonal lines, and adding personal touches.
Sixth grade students having chosen their “spirit animal,” are creating a canopic jar out of recycled materials, paper maché and clay. Seventh grade looked at the “Protractor Series” paintings of Frank Stella (1936-), created in response to the Abstract Expressionist painters. The students have just begun to create their own protractor series, paying particular attention to positive and negative space, with a careful selection of color palette. Eighth grade continues to work on their clay unit, creating either functional or sculptural objects.
Art Portfolio Club: some students are finishing their self portraits, others have moved onto still life painting.
Stage Crew : students have been painting “Seussical” shapes and characters to decorate the theatre walls for “Seussical the Musical” to be presented in June.
Weaving lunch club/recess: please see the photos of work in progress! I am very impressed with this groups’ focus and creativity.
Beading lunch club/recess: students are becoming experts at making paper beads! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and key chains will be seen soon.