PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Dance Room Update – Happy Spring! 4/12/18

Welcome back and Happy Spring!

Room 301 is buzzing with excited little movers this week. In kindergarten, we have begun a new unit of study exploring shapes. Students will learn about all the different kinds of shapes our bodies can create and begin to notice these formations in their daily surroundings. They are also understanding how shapes can freeze, move through space and be constructed with more than one dancer.

In first grade, students continue to explore alphabet shapes with their bodies by creating letters both independently and in small groups. This week they practiced this idea by working with the classmates to create an alphabet soup. Which letter comes first in the alphabet? How can I make that letter with my body? What does it look like if we put all the shapes together to create an alphabet soup? Next week we begin a new unit of study about feelings and emotion. Dance is an incredible vehicle for communication.

Second graders got to share their movement sentences built with locomotor and non-locomotor actions. The challenge was to create a sequence, add stillness and then try to use various dance elements to make the movement phrase really interesting for the audience. The dance share was outstanding! Well done!

Our third graders finished up a science investigation with plants and we continue to fine tune our “spatial awareness” by participating in activities such as the “city walk”. Students learn how to move through the general space being mindful of not only their own personal space, but that of others. This week, we will also begin a new study about movement and numbers.

The fourth and fifth graders are busy learning about the fundamental dance elements including body, space, time, energy and relationships. These students are getting daily opportunities to create, perform and respond to the various element tasks. We are having so much fun sharing their creative understanding of dance making.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Diane