PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Signs of Spring and More

Nature Walk

This week, our class went on a walking trip around our school looking for signs of spring. We talked about what things we might see before going outside.  While we walked, we looked closely at different trees and were able to see some tiny buds beginning to form. We will go back out again to see if we notice any other changes. You can also do this activity with your child while out and about.  Ask your child if s/he notices any signs of spring while you are walking outside.

Sight Words

Our word wall continues to grow as we learn more and more “sight words.”  Remember these are words that students should recognize by sight. They should not have to sound them out.  Kindergartners should be able to read and write these words:

and, are, can, come, do, go, has, have, in, is, it, like, my, me,

on, see, said, she, to, the, went, with, will, want, we, you.

If your child has difficulty reading/recognizing any of these words, here is a game you can play to practice.

Sight Word Memory

You will need 2 index cards or pieces of paper cut to the same size for each word you want to practice.  Write each sight word on two cards. Mix up the cards and spread them out, face down. Take turns turning over two cards and reading the words.  If the words match you keep both cards. If they don’t match you turn the cards over and it’s the next player’s turn. Once all the cards are matched the player with the most cards wins.

You can also just write each word on an index card and quiz your child one word at a time.  You may want to write the word in pencil on the back so you can see the words as you show them to your child.