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Grade 8 Humanities: Week of 4/16/2018 The American Dream And Other Myths

Dear Families,

Please excuse the interruption in blog posts — I have used up all my digital space and cannot add media. I hope to be back with photos of our work soon.

The concept of YOLO is attributed to the late actress, Mae West, who claimed “you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” This idea seemed to exemplify the 1920s, sandwiched as it was between WW1 and The Great Depression, and hallmarked by its excess. Changing social values were at the heart of shaping the era, not to mention legislation: women gained the right to vote and alcohol was prohibited. The stock market gained its foothold and so did organized crime. Through The Great Gatsby, we are afforded a window in at the majesty and the mayhem.

As we finish the novel, we are beginning thesis essays that explore the symbols we have been looking at in meaningful ways and how they support multiple themes and thesis ideas.


Ms. Sacilotto